Services and Rates 
Pet Lodging

A low $35.00 per night for (small) dogs, $33.00 per night for cats

Lodgimg includes custom meals bottle water, 3 business walks per day (dogs) and roaming breaks (cats), and the superior care and attention by me. (Marie).

Pet Daycare

 A low $30.00 per day for (small) dogs, $27.00 per day for cats

Daycare guests enjoy supervised play time and roaming breaks (cats).

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Upon admission for our services, your signature of the Paws Lover contract acknowledges your awareness and acceptance of these policies. Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your trust in our care of your pet.

Proof of Vaccinations

To ensure the safety and health of all the pets that stay with us, Paws Lover requires that all pets must have proof of the following vaccinations (which must be administered a minimum of 7 days prior to arrival at Paws Lover:

Annual to 3-year Rabies
Annual to 3-year DHLPP 
6-month Bordetella

Annual to 3-year Rabies
Annual to 3-year DHLPP

Pets must also be flea and parasite free. Proof of vaccinations.